Feng Shui Paintings

Cinnabar Paintings capture the Feng Shui energy of the Universe in every brush stroke and each pigment of paint placed with channeled, divine intelligence on the canvas. These paintings are fine art pieces unto themselves that stand on their own merit.

Our naked eye cannot see the multiple layers of applied energy behind the work of art. This is done by carefully choosing exact combinations of colors and symbols, and painting them in significant locations on the canvas, layer by layer, with intention, beneath the final painting. These creations are powerful collages that move and harness a concentrated vibrant Feng Shui energy. This is energy that balances, clears and brings harmony and happiness. Cinnabar paintings have the ability to lift the chi in a room and hold the vibration of an intention to create or bring forward what one desires in their life.

As you meet these paintings, listen carefully to each one, and hear what it has to say to you. You will know when one is speaking to you personally.