Feng Shui

Wind and Water

Feng Shui is a shared transmission of energy that is achieved by giving it from one person to another. Once a person knows how a particular energy feels, they too can embody it, and carry it forward into their own lives.

Feng Shui is a 5000-year-old Tibetan method of managing ones life thru conscious awareness. BTB Feng Shui’s energy creates new beginnings; repairs existing challenges and delivers balanced positivity by adjusting our environments and adjusting ourselves. It awakens a clear view of what is needed by understanding our surrounds as a perfect expression of our spiritual and psychological states.

Feng Shui harmoniously balances our energy until we are fully present, relaxed and able to receive the energy. It then can go further to raises our energy field to a higher vibration, which creates an easy flow of life’s blessings of purpose, clarity, creativity, and manifestation.

Feng Shui can also involve the intuitive and aesthetic adjustment of visible and invisible objects or factors so that all dimensions of the environment are aligned. This is called “the Chinese art of placement”

Feng Shui begins the moment the appointment is made with the client.