Feng Shui has proven to be one of the most profound remedies I have encountered.  Your suggestions literally helped a divorced family heal our configuration by changing our environment.  Since you worked with us, our 16 year daughter has taken a quantum leap in development.  My ex spouse and I rarely become irritated with one another.  Most days we marvel at the dynamic energy shift in our lives.

Marilyn C.

When I see your paintings a part of myself is revealed, a part of my “heartache” is healed. You let me dance with your colors… and make me want to sculpt my day with joy.

Ty K.

After struggling with a lull in our income and creative energy, we invited Deborah to help us turn things around with Feng Shui. She did a thorough review of the inside as well as the outside space of our office. Her suggestions were insightful, simple to do, and didn´t take much time or money. Our financial situation began to turn around immediately and productivity increased. It´s more fun coming to work now. The atmosphere in our suite of offices is very serene and the layout is much more spacious and comfortable. I´m very impressed with her work.

Marianna C.

I have had a very positive experience working with Deborah Harnett and Cinnabar Design. Her Feng Shui knowledge along with her superb interior decorating skills has been a tremendous help to me in creating the environment I was desiring in my home. I explained to her in depth the life challenges I have been facing and she was able to quickly and intuitively suggest some changes I could make to assist with the manifestation of my desires. I have recommended her to my friends and family and will continue to refer her to anyone looking for a master feng shui artist

Sandra D.

Deborah is amazing. I have read a couple of books on Feng Shui, but having her recreate my studio apartment was very different. The energy in my studio is now much more open and spacious. All the areas of my life that we concentrated on are now vastly improved. The energy in my studio is now so good, I don’t want to ever move! I highly recommend her.

Brandy S.

I have worked with Deborah learning Feng Shui skills.  Our practice has been more of a personal practice for me:  I have learned to clear the clutter from my mind so I can focus on the issue of my choice.  My house, and my family are calmer and more peaceful because of my work with Deborah.  My health has improved.  Deborah integrates all her knowledge into her practice: spiritual, emotional, and philosophical.  I have learned a new appreciation for yoga and now practice at home thanks to her guidance.  I have simplified my activities and learned to say No to some requests based on my evaluation of what is best for my family and for me.

Allison C.B.

I am a reflexologist and my business was very slow. I asked Deborah if she would do feng shui in my office. I followed her advice and now my schedule is full. I feel the difference when I am in my office, and I look forward to going to work.

Lynn V.

In my feng shui consultations with Deborah Harnett, she was caring, inspiring, and professional. Her ability to communicate her extensive knowledge of both the practical and spiritual qualities of Feng Shui was exceptional. The Cinnabar design painting she created has provided harmony and balance in my home. I have no hesitation in using her services again and would be more than happy to recommend her as a professional and intelligent feng shui consultant.

Christopher S.

Deborah beautifully weaves her gift of intuition with her knowledge of this ancient wisdom, Black Sect Feng Shui. She offers a practical and extremely thoughtful appraisal of what changes are needed to bring her clients the healing they desire in their lives. She is an extraordinary healer.

Judith A.

Deb weaves together her years of Feng Shui Mastery, deep inner guidance and her endearing commitment to each person she consults. Masterfully, she surprises you with her insights, wisdom and cures for the most challenging circumstances. I highly recommend Deb and Cinnabar Design to energize your house and empower your life!

Shelley D.

I have worked with Deborah extensively over the years and have experienced profound changes in my personal and professional life. Deborah has helped me explore my inner-self and in doing so has allowed me to understand my life’s purpose. Her approach and guidance is both firm and gentle. I highly recommend Deborah Harnett to anyone wanting to explore a new world full of love and life.

John K.

When I first saw Deborah’s “Joyful Hearts” painting on our wedding day, it took my breath away.  The beautiful hearts, flowers and scrolls were clearly painted with tenderness and care, and the painting seems to radiate love and happiness.  Seven years later, it still has a prominent spot on our bedroom wall and it makes me smile every time I look at it, especially now that all that it promised has come true with both a happy marriage and darling baby!  We are so grateful to Deborah for bringing this joyous piece of color and beauty into our lives.

Wendy L.