Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui Services are customized for each of my client’s needs and challenges. Listed below are some, but not all of what I have successfully accomplished for my clients in the last 18 years

Asset Ready Management

  • Evaluating properties, land and structures for acquisition, renting, or selling, plus assisting in the bidding process.
  • Evaluating companies, services, facilities, people and guiding them into energetic alignment and financial abundance.
  • Developing feasibility studies and long-range master planning.
  • Managing energy of all kinds by clearing, moving, balancing, enhancing and more.
  • Co-Creating with Clients, Engineers, Architects, Landscape designers, Graphic designers,
    and Contractors.
  • Reviewing designs, drawings, finishes, then providing clear feedback through additional sketches, problem-solving designs and space planning.
  • Selecting colors and balancing the five elements transforms buildings, rooms, furniture, logos, and more.
  • Developing signage to clearly communicate your message to the outside world and facilitate internal communication.
  • Implementing blessing and clearing ceremonies for land, tree and plant removal, buildings, rooms, furniture, and people.

Personal Development & Alignment

  • Creating environments that are balanced, and energetically healthy to support clients to becoming their best, potential selves.
  • Healing clients’ physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Teaching clients easy and effective tools to control their energy in life’s challenging daily situations.
  • Guiding clients on how to best use the healing, energy restoring Biomat successfully for their health benefits.